Association d'aide

aux enfants du Mékong


Loire-Mekong is a non governmental organization, a charitable association which aim is to help the people who reside along the Mekong river in South East Asia.

Created in 1998, its founders were previously involved in a very important non governmental organization. France Jacquot, its president since the founding of the association, lived in Laos with her husband. They were married in Laos and their first child was born there. Since then, remained a strong tie to this part of the world.

In 2014, the association "People of the Mekong" changed its name to "Loire-Mekong" which symbolizes the strong tie between the people residing along the riverbanks of the Loire and Mekong rivers. The headquarters of Loire-Mekong is at Chailles, a village on the banks of the Loire river, near Blois.

Loire-Mekong is a non profit association governed by French civil code and the law of July 1st 1901 which regulates the French associations. Loire-Mekong was registered at the prefecture of Loir-et-Cher in Blois (41000) under the No W41000329.

France Jacquot brought together a group of friends to participate in the association's operation. Loire-Mekong is led by a volunteer board of directors with a president, two secretaries, a treasurer, an editor and three project managers who regularly visit South East Asia. Loire-Mekong informs its members and donors of the actions in progress at their Asian sites with a Flash-infos which is regularly edited. See tab :  « Flash-Infos ».




We help the people of South East Asia

For the education of children : Support for orphanages; building classes, dormitories, sanitary facilities; introduction of the Montessori method of teaching in nursery schools with proper teaching material; help with clothing, books; supply of computer equipment for middle schools.

For women : Help local women in establishing lucrative activities : weaving, looking after animals, cultivation.

For the Francophone Culture : With the help of students from the French 'Ecoles Normales' (higher education establishments with degrees for teachers) to improve the study of the French language and the French culture. The instruction is done by volunteer teachers.

For the education of children  For women  For the Francophone Culture


where ?

The organization started in Cambodia in its first years, then Loire-Mekong decided to help Laos. First in the south of Laos, along with the Sisters of Charity and their orphanage in Pakse, then in the center of the country in the capital Vientiane where we built a large nursery school. Recently in the north of Laos, in the Luang Prabang province, we built public nursery schools, middle schools and high schools. Also in Pacsé, in southern Laos where we are improving the Francophone culture at the École Normale. Many other long term and short term actions have taken place over the years : see tab "Actions".

how ?

The funds of Loire-Mekong come from contributions from its members, either through regular gifts from its donors or other associations such as the Rotary Club, charitable foundations and also other various events. Loire-Mekong issues certificates for tax deduction purposes.

Loire-Mekong can control the projects and the expenditures thanks to the three project managers who go to South East Asia regularly at their own expense, so they can follow the process of our projects. They buy material on the spot which allows us to optimize the use of our funds. Due to the total volunteering of our own people, the operating costs are less than 5% of the budget.